America continues to discover, capture, and export imagination. Though this valued resource is processed into a variety of forms, cinema is the substance that grants the greatest wealth. Consumed by the megaplex, it’s enjoyed the world over by people of all ages. I began devouring movies as a newborn myself. As such my mother recalls Annie as my favorite. The Pirate Movie is the first one I remember, and Conan the Barbarian the first one I loved. Suffice it to say movies have always been a part of my life.

The 80’s were my entry era. The 90’s my adolescence wherein I dipped heavily into 70’s sci-fi. In the early 2000’s I continued to expand my horizons whilst indulging in the trilogies of the times. And now that we’re approaching the teenage years I find myself asking: what waits ahead, and who will create it?

There are some new kids on the block who definitely hold promise, Tarsem Singh for starters. With the Immortals under his belt he has shown that his work’s aesthetically pleasing. The same can be said about Rupert Sanders. His handicraft Snow White and the Huntsman is one of the grandest visual undertakings in years. Nevertheless they’ve still got lots to learn from the veterans. Legends like Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese hold strong. Spielberg created two timeless flicks in twenty-eleven. War Horse was a powerful epic, and The Adventures of Tintin brought the boy to the third dimension. With Lincoln right around the corner he’s not showing any signs of stopping. Scorsese isn’t slowing either. He similarly blessed the young-at-heart last year with Hugo. He’s also got two films in the future I’m eagerly anticipating. The Wolf of Wall Street reunites him with Leonardo, and the idea of Sinatra is amazing in and of itself.

Last, but definitely not least, there are the current kings. Tarantino certainly wears the crown well. So much so that people are already convinced Django Unchained is a classic, (who can fault them?). Zack Snyder strikes with his scepter. Sucker Punch was a knock-out and Man of Steel will soon bring back the boy-scout. However, Christopher Nolan sits the throne. Having just wrapped up the Dark Knight trilogy he has proved capable of feats impossible to others. He is currently working with Snyder on the aforestated Superman movie, urging my excitement to overload.

It’s easy to see that imagination still exists in abundance, and those capable of stimulating it remain willing. I’m grateful for their efforts. Furthermore I’m grateful to write this blog about why. Why? Because reality is where we live, but sometimes it can blind us. Movies are make-believe, but sometimes they help us see.