I have been having an on running battle with my cell phone situation lately.  It was time to retire my Treo 700 wx and get a new phone.  The “WX” was a great phone I had it for two years with minimal problems and it served me well.  I went through a few phones on my way to finding one that I was truely happy with and ended up deciding on the HTC Touch Diamond.  It is such an awesome phone with tons of cool features and the right amount of time savers and time wasters.

All that being said I have been trying the camera feature out in as many different environments as I can.  I love shooting photos, but I hate carrying around my digital SLR.  It is great for photo shoots and product shots but, just a little too much for me to carry to events.  I have been looking either for a camera that was super small that I could just throw in my pocket and forget about or a camera in a phone that just shot good photos.

With 3.2 Mega Pixels this thing shoots awesome photos.  The lack of a flash is a bit of a let down but, when there is enough light it shoots really nice pictures.  Here are few of the photos I have shoot with it so far.  Some of the focusing is a little sketchy and I haven’t figured out all of the controls just yet.

This one is for all of the “gore” fans out there. I found this dead pigeon on the street the other day while running errands.

Kiss Fm DJ Scottro rocking BLASt. Notice as the light gets lower the focus gets a little shady.  This is where I would love to have a flash.

The phone is dope.  The jury is still out about the camera feature.  Check back for more photos as I get used to how it the camera settings work I will post them for you guys to check out.