A week or so ago Scottro asked me to go with him when he DJed an in store at this spot in the mall.  It was a bad weekend for me so, I told him I would go with him the following week.  I wanted to check out the store and see if it would be a good fit for BLAST and it gave me an excuse to chill and shoot some photos.  As we worked out the details it became obvious that it would be way easier if he picked me up on the morning and I came along for the all day ride that is an average Saturday of Scottro. Scottro had two appearances on Saturday one in Pittsburgh’s North Side for an ultimate Frisbee tournament and one at the store later on in the day.

I met him at the radio station at 9:30 am and was locked in for the rest of the day.

First up was Frisbee.  Frisbee was cool but, the rock climbing wall that was brought in for the event was way cooler.  Once we met with the promoters we immediately found our way to the wall.  It had to be conquered.  Scottro went first.  I harassed him from the ground as I shot photos.  Scottro made it to the top and back down without any incident and now it was my turn.  It was a lot of fun and a little harder than I had expected.  After our ascent we ate some lunch finished up the event and were off to meet Amanda (one of the radio stations reps).

We switched vehicles and rolled KISS mobile style to the in store.

In stores are in stores sometimes they are great sometimes not so much.  This one fell somewhere in the middle.  The first two hours were great.  Time flew by Amanda and I entertained our selves by making fun of each other and teaching Amanda the finer points of saying no.  (She is still terrible at it.)  The second two hours dragged.  The Pens play off game was on and the Pens were one game away from clinching the series.  I don’t think anyone wanted to be in the mall at that point.  I checked score updates on my phone and shared them with the store staff.  Thank god for technology.  The Pens won.  Scottro finished his set and we packed up the KISS mobile tired from the day and went home.

Scottro takes his driving seriously. Check out that scowl.

This is our new friend Alfredo. He was drunk or crazy or both and told me that God fixed his torn achilles tendon.  I think the booze fixed it.

Everest…. no The North Side.  Scottro thinks he is Spiderman.

Thirty feet above the ground and all I could think of to do was point.

Somewhere in a small town holding the mall down!