MLATM is not a blog built to break down the merits of movies. I’m not a critic. I don’t have the credentials to claim the title. This, like most other blogs, is the writer unloading ideas. Translating my existence into text is my catharsis; employing my favorite films is my means of creativity. I’ve been at it for almost two years now, and I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

That said this past week was the first time I’ve ever had difficulty putting a piece together. With so much on my mind every film paled in comparison. Then I saw The Amazing Spider-Man and the spark arrived.

As a lifelong fan of Marvel Comics I’d eagerly anticipated Peter Parker’s reboot. As a lifelong loner I find it easy to relate to the web-slinger. Now I’m no scientist, nor am I a wise-cracking ass-kicker. However, my life does contain two key elements of the Spidey story: a wise man and a beautiful woman.

The wise man in Peter’s life is his Uncle Ben, who instills in him a maxim before being murdered: With great power comes great responsibility. Peter having great power is guided by this axiom to use it for good beyond his own. The wise man in my life is my father, who I realize is an equally intelligent sire. Whenever I am troubled, overwhelmed, or otherwise out-of-sorts he is always there to assist me. This week he did exactly that when he delivered the following gem: Kindness is not an equation. Like Peter I was reminded that to do good onto others is an obligation. It is not a result or a reward. To make it formulaic is to lose sight of what makes kindness truly so; wisdom worth more than silver and gold.

The beautiful woman in Peter’s life this time around is Gwen Stacy. Seemingly beyond his social status she is nevertheless swooned by the science geek. Why? This too is not an equation. She loves him, and he in turn loves her. Thus is where beauty lies. I’ve learned the truth of this with a beauty in my own life. Love is sacrifice, service, and selflessness. It is offered freely and received with gratitude. She has given me such. Though my ignorance may blind me at times, when it falls her beauty is bared. She loves me; of this I have no doubt. But to say it’s beautiful wouldn’t be enough. I say it’s yellow… I guess I can be a bit of Daredevil at times.

That last line is a loaded one. Like every Spider-Man story this is more than just words, it’s a young man determined to overcome obstacles. Thanks to the help of a wise man and a beautiful woman.