I have been trying to keep a grasp on three or four really big projects right now and haven’t had a chance to post.  It was a busy week for us.

Thursday was the Ascend The Fallen CD Release Party.  I was personally really excited to do this event.  Metal has always been a huge influence on us and it was nice to get back to those roots.  Ascend the Fallen put on a great show. Complete with smoke and the mandatory pits and head banging.  These guys are down to business.  If you haven’t already check them out http://www.myspace.com/ascendthefallen We shot a ton of footage for the BLAST YouTube Channel so look for that coming soon.

Friday was not to be out done by Thursday when Bobby and I came into possession of tickets to the Britney Spears Show which was in Pittsburgh that night.  I know what your thinking Britney Spears???? What does this have to do with BLAST.  Truthfully absolutely nothing.  The tickets were free and never wanting to waste an opportunity to be the creepy tattooed guys in the crowd Bobby and I worked our way to the Mellon Arena and met up with some of our friends from KISS FM.  We chilled at their remote broadcast for probably an hour before the show.  I can honestly say I have never seen that many attractive women in one place at one time most of which were commenting on how smart we were for being there.  They wouldn’t be the last people to tell us that.  I think that people don’t really understand what the average Britney Spears fan looks like.  Most are in their mid twenties attractive and grown up listening to Britney Spears.  Lets be honest her first album is almost ten years old.

As we walked around we ran into the small number of other straight males there most with their girlfriends or wives all of them wearing sunglasses the whole time so they could sneak their peak.  In almost every conversation we had with those guys they were pissed they were with their wives.  Look when the odds are like 20 girls to 1 guy it is a no brainer.

The show was pretty much what I expected Britney didn’t sing a damn thing and if you saw even five minutes of the show you would understand why.  The stage and light show was unreal the lighting budget had to have been of world conquest proportion. All in all the show was sick if you can get past the music.

Saturday was the Down and Derby Roller Skating Party.  Our friends from Talk To Vinny throw the monthly party and one way or another we try to help out.  Attendance was phenomenal.  Shit we actually ran out of roller skates.

After three solid days of events and large public gatherings my brain had pretty much turned to jello. So finally caught up an brain back to normal. Here we are.

Metal Band Tees are always the best.

It was so metal in there people were turning into zombies. Actually Sevini School was doing special effects demos right next to our booth.

The booth

YouTube Channel = Film Everything.

iPod check.

The Line, all girls.

Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls…. oh and Scottro

Like Bazooko’s Circus.  Hunter S. would be proud..