I wasn’t able to be at the Akomplice x Isvera X-Games Party…… I suck mainly because my schedule sucks and I wasn’t thinking ahead.  I was however able to send the guys at Isvera a bunch of Blast shit to put in the gift bags and of course lace out some of their peeps.  Blast Fam outta Denver made it through and said it was a sick ass party.  The Isvera guys sent these two Blast related pics over… Actually they sent a shit load of pics over and I am far to lazy to put them up on the Blast Site when I can just send you to the Isvera site where most of the photo are already posted.  So here you go click this link to see these two photos again and a whole bunch more from the Akomplice X Isvera X Games Party…..  www.ISVERA.com