Art All Night is a yearly art show in Pittsburgh that starts at 6 p.m. on a Saturday and runs through the night and until 2 p.m. on Sunday.  Attendance to the event usually tops 10,000 people and boasts over 1000 artists of all genre’s and mediums.  There is no censorship and anyone can submit a piece and only one piece.

Roughly three days before the show Pittsburgh artist ARLO contacted me and asked if he could use some of BLAST’s imagery for the painting he was planning for the Art All Night.  Of course I was totally cool with it so ARLO ground it out over the next three days.

Picture mail updates and text messages can only show you so much of what is going on with a piece of art.  Saturday morning  was the first and very quick look I got at ARLO’s painting.  A real cool stencil theme on a brick wall using BLAST imagery and ARLO’s own.  I had to go meet of with Scottro and was late.  ARLO hadn’t slept and he still had to make it to the venue for Art All Night in time for registration.

I finished my day up with Scottro showered and went the venue for my first look at the piece and to check out the show.  Needless to say I was stoked the piece turned out great and the show was awesome.  I wandered around for a while and ran into My good friend Danny Devine who was also showing and chatted with him about the window installation he is doing for the store.  His stencil work is dope.

On my way out I came across this dope sculpture of the crucifition made out of detergent cans and I don’t even know what. I shot a few flicks of that and rolled through Talk To Vinny’s Down and Derby party before heading home for some much deserved rest.

ARLO’s painting.

Danny Devine

Detergent Bottle Jesus.