I had a lengthy post that I was going to do about the party and how dope it was etc, etc, etc….. Instead I have a couple of  interesting photos from Baltimore.  If you wanna see the party flicks check em out on Pedestrian BMD’s website.

These pens are everywhere in Baltimore.  There are so many bail bonds places in Baltimore it is rediculous but, BIG BOYZ seems to have the situation on lock.  Guerilla marketing at its finest these guys have stuff in every bar, resturaunt, seedy spot, hoodies, t-shirts, pens, stickers they got it all on lock.  Remember next time you’re in Baltimore and you end up in a pinch BIG BOYZ got ya…

Pedestrian BMD is in a neighborhood called Fells Point and honestly it pretty dope.  Tattoo shops, Record Stores, Boutiques, Skate Shops; Just a dope neighborhood.  What makes it all even doper is the view from Fells Point into the Inner Harbor.