benny diarOne of my favorite parts about running Blasfome is getting to meet new and amazing people.  One of those people is Benny Diar.  I was introduced to Benny’s artwork a few years back while reading some graff magazines and then a couple years later I was again introduced to Benny’s work while on a road trip to California with my brother who is in a graff crew with Benny.  Although I didn’t get to meet Benny myself I was amazed to hear his story and kept an eye out for new things of his popping up.  A year or so later Benny and I ended up becoming friends on one social media site or another and we ended up trading a bunch of gear.  (See above photo)

Diar is a special person.  He started writing at the tender young age of 11.  He was an active writer until he was paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident in February of 2008. Medical complications from the accident almost killed him 10x over the weeks following his accident.  Due to the nature of his injuries Benny’s medical bills skyrocketed and although he qualifies for assistance through California’s Medi-Cal program it doesn’t cover all of the costs for his medical needs and supplies.  This led graff magazine Clout and Benny’s friends to launch the Death Cheater clothing line to benefit Benny and ease some of the stress of his bills.

An inspiring person Benny hasn’t let his injuries stop him from creating.  Like most graff writers I know Benny is determined to get back in the game and has learned to paint with his mouth.  Creating beautiful artwork in acrylics using only his mouth to hold the brush and put paint to canvas..