To say that the holiday season is hectic would be a huge understatement.  Over the course of the last month I have been running non-stop.  Work here, party there, pick people up from the airport, go snowboarding, samples coming in, special order “City of Champyinz shirt delivery, etc.  All that said the BLAST blog has suffered however, I am going to have at least three new blog posts for you this week I promise.

First up, BLAST FAM Basick Sickness performed at the Raekwon show a little over a week ago.

I rolled in with my old roommate and good friend photographer Evan Sanders and our friend Jon.  The venue is notoriously shitty about everything from security to cameras to smoking and unfortunately they are the only game in town as large mid range venues go so you have to play by their rules.  I wanted to sneak my camera in so when Evan called me and said he was shooting the show I jumped on it figuring I could convince security to let me keep my camera because I was with the photographer.  The gamble paid off.

We get passed security and I can hear Basick Sickness on stage but, I can’t run straight in to shoot and blow my cover.  Evan Jon and I talk to the promoters for 10 minutes waiting on Evan’s all access pass.  Basick’s set sounds sick.  Fuck.  Finally the dude with the pass shows up and I run as quickly as possible into the venue.  I have seen Basick’s Set enough to know that this is the closing song.  I need to get at least one shot.  I turn the corner and see a crowd on people and Basick killing the last song in his set.  I quickly make some adjustments to the camera and start snapping shots all crazy like trying to be suttle and not attract attention to myself.  Camera confiscation is not an option.  Basick straight murders the last song I wish I could have seen more of the set. I know at some point in his set he threw a bunch of BLAST shit into the crowd and the kids went bonkers for it.  After Basick’s set I retired to the bar and stashed my camera so I could enjoy the rest of the show.  The next few openers are a blur.  Gene Stovall murdered his set complete with back up dancers…. yeah back up dancers.  Knowledge’s shit was sick too.  Finally Rae came on and honestly I expected a little more out of him not that his performance was bad it just seemed lazy.

Basick Sickness rocking the Blast Colors shirt on stage opening for Raekwon.