Jason Barco Blasfam Photo of the Week

What up Blasfam?  I know, I know, you guys have been missing the Blasfam Photo of the Week post.  I know…. I’m a slacker.  It comes with the territory.  Been hearing it my whole life.  HAHA.  Lets see if we can get this cracking again.

First Blasfam Photo of The Week of Spring comes to us from the sunny state of Florida.  Elmer Fudd has got nothing on JasonBarco.  Jason was quick enough to catch this disguised long eared gentleman rocking not only the new Blasfome Meshback, but a Keystone Hate bandana as well.  It pays to be quick with that shutter finger.  Jason, I’ll see you in Florida next month for the 8 Ball Coast 2 Coast Poker Run.  Congrats!

If you’re quick with that shutter finger send us photos of you wearing Blasfome, Sticker Sightings, Blasfome Tattoos or whatever crazy shit you guys get into while repping Blasfome. We pick the best photo and immortalize You! Think of all the fortune, glory and pussy that will come your way. You can submit your photos to @blasfome on twitter or tag us @blasfome on your instagram……………