Once again I got caught slacking on the Photo of the Week.  Its a two part problem.  You guys always make it tough to decide who sent the raddest pic for the week so I’m wrestling with the decision of who to give the win to.  And part two of the problem is that while I am wrestling the decision of who wins you guys send over twenty just as fucking awesome pics.   So for this week  I’m putting up a bunch of pics that you guys sent to us.  I can’t decide and to be honest I owe you at least three weeks worth of Photo of the Week Photos.  Here we go.

blasfam photo of the week Blasfome

If you are looking for photo of the week pointers Jason did it right in this one.  For starters Jason is wearing Blasfome clothing, he just completed something awesome while wearing Blasfome clothing (He ran a 5k), He’s got a cute girl with him in the photo and of course one of his friends is acting like a clown in the background.



Maybe Jason’s technique of running a 5k and taking pics isn’t in the cards for you.  Here is another awesome strategy for winning photo of the week.  Let pretend you have kids or nieces and nephews that are so awesome that they love your Blasfome stuff, so much that you’ve got them started young like the homie @gschnegg here.  Baby Bottle + Blasfome Coozie = your kid is killing it right now.  Which in turn makes you the coolest parent ever.

Blasfam photo of the week Blasfome


Ok I know I know.  You play in a band and you wear Blasfome while you’re on stand.  That can make you a Blasfam Photo of the week winner too.  Check out @markedworddds rockin the fuck out.  Sweet guitar/bass player stance is absolutely required.  Any headbanging is a serious plus.

The three above examples should get you give you some ideas.  Other awesome and winning photos could include hot girls in your Blasfome gear,  You wearing Blasfome with naked hot girls, you riding bikes or motorcycles, racing cars,  skateboarding, or just being the maniacs we all know you are.

If you’re quick with that shutter finger send us photos of you wearing Blasfome, Sticker Sightings, Blasfome Tattoos or whatever crazy shit you guys get into while repping Blasfome. We pick the best photo and immortalize You! Think of all the fortune, glory and pussy that will come your way. You can submit your photos to @blasfome or #blasfome on twitter or instagram ……………………………