Blasfam Photo of the week Fuck Your Heroes

Blasfam Photo of the week

Hey man name is ZiggyBlast you’ve probably seen my napping in the Blasfome tent at drift events.  Anyhow… Dave and Bobby have been, so busy around the shop they have been neglecting their internet duties.  To make things a little easier on them the guys have hired me fill in around the shop and do the things they don’t have time to do.   seeing as I’m younger with more energy I’m sure I can handle the responsibilities these old bastards can’t.

My first responsibility is to post this blog post telling you who I am and announcing the winners of the “Blasfam Photo of the Week”, without making myself look like an idiot and getting it done right.  I think I’ve succeeded!

Check out @c_sherm giving the Blasfamily Salute and @kmsagarage reppin hard on his Honda!

If you’re quick with that shutter finger send us photos of you wearing Blasfome, Sticker Sightings, Blasfome Tattoos or whatever crazy shit you guys get into while repping Blasfome. We pick the best photo and immortalize You! Think of all the fortune, glory and pussy that will come your way. You can submit your photos to #blasfome or @blasfome on all of your social media …………………………