Blasfome Drift Team at Midvale Speedway July 14 from Blasfome on Vimeo.

Anymore I feel like I am at a drift event at least twice a month.  This month I have been a two of them already and I am looking at a third one coming up shortly.  July 14th took us to Midvale Speedway in Ohio for the Clublooseii July event.  It was probably one of the hottest days of the year which I am sure kept attendance down.  This would end up working out in our favor and we get to film a pretty awesome Blasfome Drift Team edit with John Wagner, Nick Criss, Troy “Squirt” Manners and Jimmie Caldwell.

The Next Clublooseii event is August 18, Drifting Starts at Noon.  For more information click this link to the FB event page Lyle Alzado Authentic Jersey