Blasfome_Fall_Lookbook_2012 Wrench Turning Crew <Blasfome_Fall_Lookbook_2012 Wrench Turning Crew


Blasfome_Fall_Lookbook_2012 Wrench Turning Crew

Blasfome_Fall_Lookbook_2012 Wrench Turning Crew

Blasfome_Fall_Lookbook_2012 Wrench Turning Crew

At Blasfome we continue to be inspired by the freer days of the past.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s car culture was at a its pinnacle.  Janice Joplin was asking the Lord to buy her a Mercedes Benz.  Her friends of course had much better taste and drove Porsches.  The American Muscle Cars were in all regards some of the finest machines on the face of the planet.  And a little country in the Pacific Ocean was positioning itself to knock the entire U.S. automotive and motorcycle industry on its ass.  It was an amazing time free of red light cameras, radar speed traps and seat belt laws.

The Blasfome Wrench Turning Crew Collection is inspired by those rebels without a cause that dared to to cut against the grain and raise hell with loud flame shooting exhausts, track approved street cars and brisk motorcycle rides at night.

The Wrench Turning Crew Collections features staples in every gearhead’s closet.  Three t-shirt designs are the foundation of the collection each t-shirt is inspired by the three major car manufacturing countries The United States, Japan and Germany.  The t-shirts are available in two color ways each simply white or black.  The t-shirt are reinforced by three Mechanics Jackets wear Blasfome lends its hand to the Classic Dickies Eisenhower Jacket.  Complete with front patches and back shields these jackets are as timeless as their name sake.  Finally we polish off the collection with The Wrench Turning Crew Meshbacks in Six Colorways and Wrench Turning Crew Patches. More Photos after the Jump.

Basick Sickness
John Wagner of the Bloodmasters
Bobby Buckets

Dave Blasfome

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