Blasfome St. Patricks Day Tee Irish Hate

St. Patrick’s Day is by far the wildest day in our neighborhood.  In fact the only thing that even compares is when one of our sports teams wins a championship.  To celebrate the Shamrocks and Shenanigans that will most definitely level at least half of the neighborhood we release the Irish Hate Tee.  Its for you to show your Blasfamily Pride on St. Patrick’s Day.  The Irish Hate Tee screams to the drunken masses “I’m a professional, I’m Ten Foot Tall and Bullet Proof, get the fuck out of my way.”

A huge thank you to everyone at McCardle’s (The Pub of Pain) in the Southside.  Mike Cippy for putting everything together and of course our lovely models Big Freddie and Bobby Buckets.

Purchase the Irish Hate Tees in store or Online:  CLICK HERE