There comes a time that you have to take a big step with any business.  After years of building a great list of retailers and fans through the internet, endless phone calls, crazy parties, long road trips and general networking it became time for Blasfome to expand.  The brand was quickly going out growing the space in my attic and my neighbors were starting to question my profession with the line of people streaming in and out of my house to buy tee-shirts.  Blasfome was starting to push me out of my house.  Long story short it was time to open out first store.

The search began for a store front and shortly after we had found our new home at 1923 East Carson St.  As they say it was a little bit of a fixer upper or handyman’s special, but the electric was updated, the windows were great and the price was right.  We were so excited to get everything moving that we were in the store ripping up old carpet and tile 24 hours before we even had the lease signed.

For the next two weeks Bobby Buckets and I spent 20 hours a day inside of the 1000 sq/ft space cleaning and building.  Our efforts were met with Uncle Arlo, Ian from Urban Mountaineering, Evan Sanders and My girlfriend Sarah putting in every free moment they could spare.  Everyone worked until their hands were bleeding and then kept on working right through the pain of the blisters.  Ian was so dedicated that even after being hit by a car on his way to the store he tried to deny medical service so, he could continue to work on the project.  We quickly informed him that that probably wasn’t the best idea and he should probably relax and tend to his broken foot.

After two weeks of the some of the most back breaking manual labor that anyone of us had done in a long time we finished the major portions of the store.  With a few minor details left to take care of we opened the doors for the first time on Friday at 8 pm.  We are still in the process of wrapping up some details as I write this, however we are open for business and we invite you to come and check us out at 1923 East Carson St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203.

The grand opening party is slated for May 28th and will feature great DJ’s and some of Blasfome’s favorite Pittsburgh Hip-Hop acts and Blasfome’s Summer Collection Drop.

Stay tuned for full coverage of the build out as we collect the photos of the progress from all of our phones and cameras.   Until then here are some before and after pictures of the front of the building to hold you over. Be sure to add the Store on twitter at

Before the BLASFOME treatment.

The Store Front After the BLASFOME Treatment..