Blasfome takes a full swing at summer by introducing three new themes into our classic Kill Or Be Killed collection, and the addition of two new pieces to the classics – Blasfome Board Shorts and The Blasfome Mechanic Jacket.  Kill Or Be Killed is the brands most infamous mantra, and the soon to be battle cry of the 2012 summer.

We originally introduced the Kill Or Be Killed tee in 2008 with a bold graphic of a wolf attacking another wolf.  It was revisited in a later collection with man’s best friend battling a monkey.  This summer Dave reminds us further of nature’s greatest conflicts with three new designs. “I selected these designs because they are a combination of all common struggles we find in nature and within ourselves.”

The collection opens with the Pissing Contest design.  The front reads “Kill or be killed” with a bold graphic inside of it of a brutal cock fight.  It is followed by a design which is meant to remind us to fight for the underdog – the Dogs Of War design.  Dogs Of War shows an oxen falling victim to two Pitbulls.  Dave finishes out the trio with a tribute to one of his favorite summer movies, Jaws.  The Farewell and Adieu design features the falling action of the movie, a true man verses nature moment.  All three designs are available in navy and black tees.  Pissing Contest comes with an option of white or red tank-top. Farewell and Adieu is available in white or navy tank-top.

The collection also includes the Blasfome Board Shorts, and the Blasfome Mechanic Jacket.  The shorts come in charcoal black with the Blasfome Ten Foot Tall and Bulletproof patch on the upper left side. Made in the USA from 100% polyester, the shorts run from sizes 26 to 38.  The Blasfome Mechanic jacket is a Blasfome branded Dickies Eisenhower jacket, with a Ten Foot Tall and Bullet Proof patch on the upper left breast.  The jackets sizes run from small to extra large.

Blasfome Summer 2012 Delivery #1 will be available May 22nd at midnight on-line ( and in-store May 22nd at noon (1923 East Carson Street Pittsburgh, Pa 15203).  Readers are encouraged to buy early, as we limit the amount of printed designs in an effort to keep the brand exclusive.

blasfome summer 2012 delivery 1 lookbook

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