Tomorrow February 8, 2012 at midnight we will be throwing the switch on the new Blasfome website and online store.  I believe we’re on the 4th version of Blasfome websites.  This is the best one yet.

It all started in July shortly after we opened the Blasfome Flagship Store.  With the store finalized and up and running we quickly became aware that it was also time for us to give the website a fresh look and iron out some of the problems we had been dealing with in the past.

There was special care taken by everyone involved in this project to make sure that every single detail was right.  From the very first page you land on until you check out of the Blasfome Online Store we have done months of testing to ensure that your experience on the site is not only rewarding, but also as simple and easy to use as possible.

To accomplish this we have added a ton of new features.  Here are a few of my favorites:

First in the Blasfome Online Store the most visible change is the aesthetic of the items within the webstore itself.  A more organized main shopping page features the addition of the social media buttons.  These buttons now allow our customers and fans to quickly share their must have items with their social media friends.  Have a birthday or holiday coming up these handy social media buttons will let everyone on your friends list know what you need to have on your big day.  The main shopping page offers you a quick purchase option if you already know what you are looking for and are trying save time.  If you are the kind of person that needs to take time with your purchase go ahead and click on that photo and check out a detailed description and photos of any item.  Take your time and shop we take great pride in all of our products we encourage you to really get to know each one.

Finished purchasing your favorite Blasfome tees and still looking for more Blasfome in your life? Check in with us on the Blasfome Blog.  Everything you need to know about Blasfome and our friends is there.  The latest clothing releases, upcoming shows, events, parties, and public appearances, its all on the blog.  Wanna know what kind of trouble Bobby Buckets got himself into last night? Its probably there too.  Sarah and I have been holding down the blog for a long time now and we figured it was about time that you guys get to hear from some other Blasfamily voices.  We will be announcing the new writers as their pieces start making it to the web.  We feel that this will give you our fans a greater perspective on who the Blasfamily is, and what Blasfome is all about.  Of course we will bring you awesome content to enjoy while you’re avoiding that finals paper or menial task that was supposed to be done yesterday.

Blasfome makes a ton of dope clothing and products.  All of those items end up being worn by someone special.  Sometimes that someone special happens to be famous or really interesting maybe they’re a musician, an athlete actor, artist or one of the random characters that we encounter on our travels through this life.  In any case we have added photos and video pages into the site.  If you saw a Blasfome t-shirt in a Beedie, The 58s or any other music video that video is there on the Video page.  If you came to one of our many parties that video is in the video section too. And the same goes for the Photos page.  Like one of our signature lookbooks, see a photo of Steele from Smiff n Wessun rocking a Recession Proof tee or John Wagner bringing the Bloodmaster style to the table in the Keystone Hate at the strip club all of those are on the Photo page.

We went to great lengths to make sure it was easier for you our customer to talk to us.  We have revamped the entire contact page.  In order to make sure we can serve everyone reason for contacting us we have added some different options when contacting Blasfome.   General Info, Press, Sales and Customer Service all have their own emails and contact points.

These are a few of the many new features on the site.  We have been anticipating the launch of the new site for a while now and we hope that you enjoy the Blasfome web experience as much as we enjoyed creating it.  Be sure to stop by tonight and be the first to see the new changes.


-Dave Blasfome.