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Sometimes you gotta give it up to the intern.

Last month, Nick, our “adopted cousin” (as seen in his Twitter bio) put us onto Mark “The Pride of Bloomfield” Cherico. Frantic text-messages came across my phone begging me to check him out.  “Hes the truth! A perfect fit to the brand give him a call!”  He passed me his info and it wasn’t long before emails were exchanged between Dave and Mark.  After a Sunday meeting over coffee, and extensive research (an entire afternoon spent on Youtube), it not only became clear to me that this guy was “The truth” he was also someone I would NEVER want to fight.  Needless to say “The Pride of Bloomfield” was on a fast track to become “The Pride of Blasfome” (sorry Bobby).

Mark’s next bout will be Saturday October 2oth against contender Jason Lawrence (5-3) where he fights to extend his record to a stunning 11-0. If you’re in the Streetsboro Ohio area, or down to make the trip tickets start at $30. Checkout a full line-up of Mark “The Pride of Bloomfield” Cherico’s stats below and be sure to follow him on Twitter @MarkChericoMMA.

Name: “The Pride of Bloomfield” Mark Cherico
Gym: Fight Club Pittsburgh/Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh Academy
Height: 5’7
Weight Class: Featherweight (145 lbs)
Pro Record: 1-0
Amateur Record: 9-0
Combined MMA Record: 10-0
Boxing Record: 1-0
Finished every fight (9 by Submission & 1 by TKO)
2011 National Featherweight Champion
Brawlroom Featherweight Champion
CageStars Elite Featherweight Champion
Cage of Chaos Featherweight Champion

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