Blasfome Women's

For a long time there has been a call from our female friends and fans for us to make Blasfome women’s clothing.  We’re not women’s fashion designer and off the shelve women’s clothing is always so iffy that we had just avoided it all together.  Mainly to save ourselves the headache of picking the wrong cut baby doll tee to print on and then having hear about how we picked the wrong shit from 15 different people.

To solve those two main problems we commissioned our good friend NikiDigits to create some one of a kind girls pieces for the ladies.  There is literally one of each piece so you’ll never seen another girl with your shirt or dress on.  Each design has passed the Bobby Buckets sexiness test and is guaranteed to make all of the other bitches jealous.  The women’s pieces are available in store only.  We tried to put them online, but Bobby Buckets’ figure doesn’t do any of the pieces any kind of visual justice.  On Sale Now!