This is a come back story for the ages.  Many of you that have been to the Blasfome Flagship Store know Ian Broughton or Ian Backpack as we call him around here.  What many of you may not know is that Ian was hit by a car on his bicycle while commuting between his day job and helping us swing hammers on the construction at the Blasfome Store.  The accident left Ian in the hospital for over a month while having multiple surgeries on his broken ankle and having a extremely hard time healing the wounds that were made to do the surgery.

After a over a month in the hospital with around the clock care Ian emerged from his stay with a mechanical immobilizer on his leg and a pair of crutches to go with it.  His leg was weak from the surgery and many of the doctors were concerned about Ian’s ability to ride a bicycle after the incident.  It was a hard time for Ian while he struggled to balance a thorough physical therapy program and working.  All the while waiting for the day he could get back on his bike and do the thing he loves most.

At times things were grim.  The stress would get to him and living with Bobby Buckets and Matt Awesome can at times be stressful.  Things like being kept awake while Bobby has a late night love making session with two strippers in the room next to yours. Or coming home to do your P90X work out and finding every available surface in the house covered in Post-It notes with motivational quotes like “Lance had cancer I have God and a yoga mat. – Ian Backpack”  or “I would give a Huffy to every kid in Africa if I could. – Ian Backpack.”  All ball busting aside the guys wished Ian the best.

After months of hard work and dedication Ian had reached a point in his training where the hills of Pittsburgh weren’t meeting his training needs.  He decided the next move for him would be to pack up everything and make the move to Colorado where he could further push himself and his training to the limit.  As sad as it was for us to se our friend leave we were already proud of his accomplishments while we partied with him in the days before his departure.  In less than a year he had not only managed to lose the crutches and rehab his ankle enough to walk;  He was riding every day and really pushing forward in the process of getting back into competition shape.

None of us were there the day Ian took his first bike ride in Colorado.  I would like to think that he felt like he was born again in that beautiful mountain air as he took the first few cranks down the trail.  What I do know is that he trained all summer long.  We watched his posts on the internet with his gps maps and time results almost everyday as he crushed trail after trail.

Ian entered his first race after surgery The Pike’s Peak Sports Procycling Classic on September 23 a one year and five months after being hit by a that car.  That day I got a text with a picture of Ian on the podium in the first place spot.  Needless to say I was overwhelmed with pride.  Ian had done it.  Not only did he work his ass off to get back into competition shape he dominated his field and won the whole damn race.  It is with that same overwhelming pride that I share with you guys the picture I recieved that day.  Congratulations buddy!!!

Blasfome's Ian Broughton Wins Pro Cycling Classic