I have been racing cars for as long as I have had a driver license. To be completely honest I probably should have had a license for some period in my late teens and early twenties and somehow I still have one now. Either way the little beauty below is BLAST’s  Gymkhana Car. (Simply put gymkhana is derived from an India word that was used to describe a type of horse racing through barrels and obstacles but, with the emphasis on style first and time second.) Without getting into too many specs the car is a 1995 Nissan 200sx SE-R, Seam welded with an almost fully adjustable suspension.   We are still in the process of shaking it down and tuning it in so look for action photos and video this summer.

(editor note: We are well aware that gymkhana cars in general are rear wheel drive or all wheel drive cars but, saying we built this to terrorize hill billies and cheat death on country back roads doesn’t sound as good)