….. I am exhausted.  Check out some photos from this weekend.

DJKaraZmatiK & Ivory T.H.H from WPTS Hip-Hop Meltdown.  Listen to these cats 7-9 Friday nights on 92.1FM and wpts.org

Listening to myself talk photo by Bobby Buckets.

The Pens won the cup.  These people drank their faces-off (pun fully intended)

The Wailers played the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

Tent city at the Arts Festival. I bought a dope photo of an Octopus for the bathroom at my house.

A-ron, Funa, Jamie, Rach and DJ McFly at the Wailers.  You can smuggle a lot of vodka in those lemonade cups.

The Arst Festival lighting up.

The parade for the Pens.  This is what winning looks like in the City of Champions.