We stayed with Fubz’s boy Eric in Charleston, S.C. Eric has a sweet beach house just outside of the city near Folly Beach. Folly Beach is a sleepy beach town with a super laidback attitude.

We got in late at night happy to see Eric and happy to be off of the road. We drank a bunch of beer and bullshit before passing out for the night.

Morning came way to early. I was up by 10:30 and definitely not in the mood to get out of bed. Everyone got read quickly and we were out the door to grab some breakfast and check out what there was to see.

It was raining again. We didn’t let that damper our spirits. We ate breakfast at this spot called the Lost Dog. They allow dogs in the restaurant but, there were now there. I was a little let down by that but, what can you do. The food was amazing. I am a huge fan of sausage gravy and biscuits but, you never really know what you are gonna get when you order them. If the cook doesn’t really care about what they are doing they tend to turn out terribly. That was not the case here. I decided to take the gamble and it turned out to be a good bet. They were great. My eyes were way bigger than my stomach and I had ordered everything that looked even remotely interesting off of the menu. The four of us relaxed and talked weaving stories for about an hour four northerners in this little southern beach town telling stories too loud for the restaurant. Big surprise we were a big hit. I left without finishing all of my food.

After that it was off to check out the beach and then to our meeting at Suite Sole.

Fubz has know Walter who manages the store for a while now and it was nice to see a kind of familiar face in one of the stores. Suite Sole is a cool spot in downtown Charleston. The meetings went well and afterwards we hung out and talked about the road and shared some of our stories with them. We loaded the car and got back out the road and we off to Richmond.

The drive to Richmond seemed like a long one but wasn’t really that bad.

We are slowly becoming more comfortable mentally being in the car than we are walking around. We are all becoming really tired of being in the car and every minute spent out of the car and not accomplishing something either meetings, food or sleep is one more minute we have to be away from home. I find that I am starting to miss the little things that you become accustomed to at home… friends, knowing where you are in the morning when you wake up and a the feel of our own beds.

Richmond was an experience in itself. Our first needing was at Need. Then we were off to Kulture in Portsmouth, VA. The drive to Kulture sucked. My back started to act up on the way to Richmond the day before and it continued to get worse through out the day on the way into Portsmouth. Traffic, bad drivers and the amount of time we have been spending in the car are starting to take it toll.

The guys from Kulture were cool. We were there for a few hours before leaving for New York to stay for the night. We drove across The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel that has been featured on the History Channel’s show Modern Marvels. I have driven across the bridge before but, it is always cool to see something after you have learned a great deal of the history behind it or I could just be easily amused. The bridge took us onto US 13 which runs North and is basically a local four lane highway completely with stoplights every couple of miles. It is cool to drive on a road like that after all of the freeway driving we had been doing. You get to see a little more of the towns and people and the rewards are definitely worth the extra few minutes of your time.

We passed through Maryland and Delaware and New Jersey. One thing I have come to realize through my years of travel is: The further away from home you travel the further away “close to home is.” Arriving into an area that you can drive by memory without using the GPS or some crazy map the more at home you feel.

We are in New York right now and in Fubz’s neighborhood. I have never lived in New York but, I know his neighborhood pretty well. It is great to be around things that are familiar. That will all end soon. In an hour or so we are off to Providence and a direction I have never been….. North East. I am excited and nervous to see what awaits in the land of the Pilgrims. It is winter you know.

The greeting in the Lost Dog in Charleston.

Everyone talks about shoes and signs…

This pretty much sums up the last few days of the trip.