We spent all day on Monday and half of the day on Tuesday in New York. As with the most perfectly laid plans things ended up changing from the original plan. Nothing major. Somethings came in late and we had a ton of errands to run.

We finalized everything around 12:30pm and started loading the car which proved to be a task in itself. The key to getting everything in is to figure out where each piece of the luggage jigsaw puzzle goes where. We had to take pictures not only for posterity’s sake but, so we had at least some sort of clue how to get everything back into the car after we unpack it.

The weather has not been cooperative for any portion of the trip so far.  Which makes for rather exciting driving at times the fog has been so bad that we have slow down almost to a crawl in order to stay on the road.  It isn’t just fog.  We have seen enough weather changes to be meteorologists.  Rain, snow, sleet, small pieces of hail, we have been sprayed by what seemed like a shotgun blast of salt from a plow truck and drove through what could have been the set of Deliverance looking for a gas station.  I have to admit that I am loving the challenge of driving in these conditions.

We ate at a Waffle House some where in Virginia.  Waffle House is not a four start restaurant but this one was especially interesting.  Probably one of the older establishments along that particular stretch of the highway it looked like it had served a few too many customers over the last few decades or so.  The menus were relatively up to date while the rest of the marketing paraphernalia around the room were from assortment of eras and appeared to have been aging there for a couple decades, probably the same amount of time the two women behind the counter had been working there.  Under appreciated by the customers for an indeterminable amount of time they served us politely and quickly but, with the lack of enthusiasm only know by someone of their position. Honestly, how could I blame them?

We are just outside of Charlotte now right past the Lowe’s Motor Speedway.  Tomorrow is a big day.  We have a few shops to visit here in Charlotte and then it is off to Atlanta.  I am excited to see Atlanta.  I have been past it plenty of times on trips to Atlanta Motor Speedway for Nopi and have never actually been inside of the city limits.

Bobby and Fubz load the last of the the stuff in the trunk.  Notice there isn’t an inch of room left.

Just on the other side of this wall of clothing and catalogs is Fubz’s “Cubicle” I like to think of it as the mobile command center for the trip.  Seriously, there is AC power for a laptop and phone charger on the other side of that heap.

The extremely new coffee mugs at the Waffle House if you look right below it you can see the “relatively up to date” menus.

Bobby’s full.  Notice the old picture frame ads in the back round.  You can kinda of see a poster menu in the upper left corner it was definitely different from the ones on the table.

Fubz will never eat Waffle House again…