We had four stops in Atlanta.  The first was a a store called Sole with Corey.  Sole is one of the nicest spots we have been into so far.  The entire store is brand new with custom made pretty much everything down to the carpet.

After that we went to Junkman’s Daughter and a boutique called Standard that is inside of the mall.

Our final stop was at Phat Gear owned by Hassan.

We left Atlanta and started the six hour journey to Orlando.  Everyone was exhausted and somewhat delusional.  We stopped at a Walmart somewhere in right outside of Florida to pick up some supplies.  A few things for the car, some snacks and our course those things you only buy on road trips. Fubz found an awesome pair of camo fingerless gloves/mittens combo.  We wandered around Walmart in a state of stupidity and tried on and played with as many things as we could before taking off and finishing the trip to Orlando.

We got in around  4:30 am. and planned on staying at a Knights Inn which we quickly found out was on “the block” .  We passed a small army of prostitutes, crackheads and shady characters on our way there.  The Knights Inn was being to look like a bad idea.  We were a trying to check in to the lobby less motel and were approached by a crackhead who hovered around us the entire time that we were waiting for the motel clerk to get our paper work ready.  It was beginning to look like we were going to be getting into some sort of “situation”.  That was the final straw.  We cancelled the room got in the car and looked for more appropriate lodging for the evening and ended up five miles down the road in a much nicer neighborhood at a Baymont Inn and settled in for a much needed day off.

Bobby and Fubz laced out in the freshest Halloween jewelry collection.  The people at the Omni were unimpressed.

Walmart fashion show.  This Walmart was a monstrosity.  Fubz decided against the hat.