There weather had plagued us on and off for the entire trip.  We knew it was going to be a struggle as winters on the east coast have a tendency to be.  With the temperatures in the north east dropping we had a few decisions to make.

Providence was looking like a bust both shops were “not taking any new brands on” and didn’t want to see anything.  Fubz spoke with his people and they were advising against us going to Montreal and to be completely honest I don’t think any of us were ready for the kind of cold we were going into.

We decided to cut things short.

Boston was the only stop on the North Eastern portion of the trip we decided to keep.  We left from Queens at 7 a.m. on Friday for the short four hour drive to Boston.  Having driven all over the east cost four hours seemed like nothing.  We got to Boston around 11:30 a.m. and were immediately lost in the mix.  The GPS who by this point we had named Becky couldn’t find out location and the roads twist and turn in a way the is unexplainable even by people who reside there.  It is easy to understand how the road system in Boston was used as a defensive feature during the early years of our country.  Modern technology couldn’t help us find our way in that town I would hate to have been an attacking force.

After a little bit of a struggle we found both locations we were looking for Concepts and The Lab.  Concepts is an amazing store and brand that has done co brands with the likes of Red Wings and others.  Their store is unreal.  With a private room downstairs for high profile clients and an amazing cut and sew division.  The stock room is organized like a library and everything was custom made.  We chatted with Deon and Frank for an hour or so.  It was great to hear what they had to say and learn from what they are doing.

We left Concepts and went over to The Lab where we met with Kim.  They were getting ready to do an art install in the shop so, the people from the tattoo shop they were working with were in and out while we were there.  It is cool to see peoples projects come together before your eyes.

We grabbed some food at the deli next to The Lab.  The food hadn’t been that exciting to me for the last half of the trip and this deli was no different.  Coffee shop deli sandwiches are not my favorite but, I ate it.  It was just fuel at that point there was really no sense in making a big deal out of it.  We left Boston during rush hour and were once again sitting in traffic.  The drive back to New York moved slowly knowing that we would be off to Pittsburgh as soon as we dropped Fubz off.  I was saving my energy for the last leg of the trip.

Some where in Conneticut we pulled over to get gas and we saw a guy dressed as a wizard.  I think Bobby got photos.  I resisted the urge to harrass him while I pumped the gas partially from fear of a spellof hex and partially out of exhaustion.

We dropped Fubz off in Queens and drove through the city to jump onto the highway.  Somehow I managed to miss the turn for the correct highway and we ended up driving through Newark for a few minutes.  Now I know why I never stop there.  Newark is rather boring and I wish it would have remained a sign on the side of the highway.

We stopped to eat at a Perkin’s off of RT 81 some where.  Both Bobby and I crushed huge amounts of food.  I am not completely convinced what we ate was actually good.  We were so hungry at that point anything we ate would have taste good.

We arrived in Pittsburgh around 4 a.m. Happy to be home and relax from the trip.

On our way to Boston.

Concepts- Boston.

Concepts – Boston

Bobby in The Lab, Boston.


Bobby loves chicken fingers.

Home Sweer Home.