It’s that time again… Its summer in Pittsburgh which mean BLAST is droppin’ its summer collection.  I know all of you have your vacations planned out and are getting those fly outfits ready for your trips.  What better way to show everyone at those destinations that the Steel City means business.  Nobody at that seedy strip club you and your boys decided to roll thru at 3 a.m. is gonna doubt that you’ll give em the “Pittsburgh Black Ear” when your rocking these new joints.

First up is “Home of the Brave” pictured above the front of “Home of the Brave” features a two color print of and eagle ready to strike.

The back of “Home of the Brave” features a subtle BLAST logo centered over the shoulders in white and red.

The second shirt in your vacation outfit arsenal is “Shut Yer Trap.” “Shut Yer Trap”  features an open bear trap with simple instructions that anyone can follow.

The back of “Shut Yer Trap” reinforces the repercussions when people can’t follow simple directions.  Centered above the shoulders the back of “Shut Yer Trap” reads “Snitches Get Stitches”  and the original BLAST logo in white.

Finally break “Someone Has to Bleed” out the day after you drank two gallons of Jungle Juice in the hot tub with girls you met on the beach.  Just because you were in the hot tub until 8 a.m. and woke up half drunk/half hungover with a bunch of used condoms on the floor next to your bed and a note from two of the girls saying that they wanna have your babies doesn’t mean you wanna speak to anyone while your head throbs and you try to drink the second worst hangover you’ve ever had in your life away.  Let those obnoxious mother fuckers know what happens if they don’t get the fuck outta your way without saying a word.  “Someone Has to Bleed” says the words for you.  Featuring a bright orange chainsaw and the words “Someone has to Bleed” everyone should get the picture.  If they don’t at least the chainsaw came with earplugs.