I wanted to take a second to remind everyone that the BMX LIFE FUND Launch Party is this Saturday at Ton Tavern.  If you have any questions would like to arrange for bottle service or just feel like harassing a good friend of mine call Rachel at Town Tavern the phone number is 412.325.8696.

The mission of the BMX Life Fund, a non-profit charity and information service, is to generate revenue to assist professional BMX riders who have sustained life-altering injuries in pursuit of their goals in the sport of BMX riding and competitions. The funds and contributions are to be used to subsidize expenses associated with medical care and other significant needs as a result of their injuries. These funds may assist both rider and their immediate family. Additionally, the BMX Life Fund will dedicate many of its programs to the next generation of riders. Programs will be developed to inform present and future riders of the risks and consequences of the sport. The emphasis will be placed on prevention and riding safety through riding demonstrations and additional information provided. This will be accomplished through a series of “live” riding events and contests throughout the region. This series, to be known as “The Life Tour”, will be the principal source of revenue for the organization. An important long term goal will be to progress the sport and that it can be conducted safely by taking the appropriate and necessary precautions.