Dave Blasfome and Retodd at the Wheelmill

If you live in the continental United States most of you have been getting beat down by horrible winter weather this year.  This Saturday was the first spring weather Blasfome’s hometown, Pittsburgh has seen in months.  People were outside enjoying the weather all over the city.  I took advantage of the sun by riding some BMX in the street before heading over to The Wheelmill for their evening session.  While I was there I ran into local legend and crazy man Retodd and someone snapped this pic.  Shout out to Retodd for putting me onto the pic and shout out to whom ever snapped it.  If it was you email us so I can give you proper credit.

What did you guys get into over this beautiful weekend?  Share your pics with us on instagram or twitter our username is @blasfome or you can tag us #blasfome.