Saturday night our good friends at HKAN hosted Boaz, BZE and a grip of others including some of Wu-Tang family. I haven’t had a chance to see Boaz live in about a year so, I jumped at the chance to see him in my stomping grounds on the south side of Pittsburgh.

I rolled into the spot around 11 o’clock and was greeted by Blast Fam Arlo with a cold beer waiting for me as a came through the door. It was packed in the spot already and I knew more people were gonna be comin through the door so, I crushed that beer down and ordered up another one.

Two more beers about a half an hour of cuttin up and probably 2 cigarettes later. Boaz took the stage.

Opening with the track HUSTLER. He began the quick and precision process of blowing the roof off the spot. With the place packed with what looked like 100 kids in what is room for maybe 50. He banged out fifteen of the livest minutes the HKAN has seen in a while.

He closed the set with the banger STEEL CITY. The kids were losing their shit! Singing every word right along with him. The whole time smoke bein put in the air. He killed it.

Big-ups to Basick Sickness and Joes Boots for holdin it down and bringin good hip-hop to the people every chance they get..