Bobby Buckets Southside Steaks Eating Competition

Wednesday marked the 10th anniversary of our neighbors The Southside Steak Company being in business.  To celebrate Southside Steak Company hosted its annual Cheese Steak eating contest.  Once Bobby Buckets go wind of this he had to compete.

If you know anything about Bobby Buckets you know the only thing he loves more than Steak Hoagies its FREE Steak Hoagies.  Bobby eats roughly 4-5 plain steak hoagies a week sometimes more.  Ever confident Bobby figured he would be unstoppable if he could get past his biggest weakness…. Special dietary needs.  You see Bobby is lactose intolerant and is terrified of mayo.  If either cheese or mayo was present on any of his hoagies he was going to have to really fight for the win.

Day of the contest Bobby took it easy.  Preparing for the possibility of a have to manhandle a shit load of meat covered in cheese Bobby opted for a light lunch followed by a milkshake to prepare and stretch his stomach for the task at hand.  That task would prove to be too much.

A slight error in judgement (drinking all of his water too fast) would unsettle Bobby’s ability to consume large quantities of bread and meat.  Added to the cheese wiz topping on the hoagies the lack of water would cause Bobby to falter at just two 12inch Cheese Steak Hoagies in 17 minutes.  Bobby would end up finishing in 3rd behind Jamal (he was around 8 yrs old) and competitive eater Randy who took first.  Below in italics is the essay Bobby sent that won him a spot at the table.

“Hello my name is bobby buckets and I’m a steak hoagie ( sub, po boy, ect.) aficionado. I have traveled the world and sampled many steak hoagies thru out my travels. My main diet consists of steak hoagies, gummy candies and water. I eat a steak hoagie at least 3 days a week for lunch/dinner. I would be perfect for this event because of my knowledge of meats and my ability to consume many pounds of meat. Please consider my application for this contest .”