Let me start off by saying this in no way is a full recap or even a good recap.  What this is is my account of what happened which may more may not be factual.  Hell it could even be an out right lie but, this is how I remember it.

I arrived to the venue late Friday night or early Saturday morning depending how you look at it.  I was way later than everyone else due to prior engagements I had across town.  Having finished those engagements I drove up to the Firehouse Lounge to two snow makers running one at full stream the other seemingly spent and barely pushing any snow out what so ever.   The 15 degree weather had been plaguing the equipment all night long.

Two people are shoveling ice shavings out of the back of a U Haul truck from what ever ice skating rink they visited last.  I don’t know it yet but, we are about to fill this truck at least two more times in addition to the three loads they have already brought.

The entire scene is lite in the creepiest manner possible. Work lamps and the orange glow from the street lights meet in the mist of snow that lingers over the entire event site and casts shadows and highlights that have the feel of winter trench warfare.  People are wandering around confused the cold night air in combination with the moist in the air from the snow makers is starting to wear on them.

I feel like I am a sight for sore eyes but, quickly find out that I am not and my enthusiasm is not meet with any appreciation.

I try to get assigned something to do but, no one  seems to have any plan for me they all just keep working.  I realize that I am walking around in at least six inches of snow so, I briefly talk to Mike M. from Slick Kid and decide to go put my boots on before I start to do anything.

I put my boots on and come back.  Mike told me to help Jeremy figure out why the one snow maker isn’t working properly. Jeremy and I conference for a few minutes and decide that the pumps aren’t working properly because they are no designed to operate in such low temperatures.  With a little further investigation we notice a big warning on the side saying DO NOT FREEZE so much for that.

We shutdown the snow maker that wasn’t working properly and decide only to use the bigger of the two.  It has been working flawlessly.  I guess that pressure washer responds to cold a little better.

At some point we start to arrange the features and spread the piles of ice shavings that were dumped out of the U Haul.  I start out with speed and vigor only to find out why everyone else wasn’t as excited as I was.  Shoveling that much snow sucks.  Nearest I can figure it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10000 lbs of snow.  No wonder my back hurts.

Around six a.m. the sun begins to peak its way through the darkness.  This is not a welcome sign.  The sun is warm…. too warm.  The snow makers now stop working all together.  We are forced into making more runs to the ice rinks for shavings.   Two more runs down and we have enough snow.

Rusty and I return from the last run for ice shavings around 11:30 a.m.  People are starting to show up for registration.  I try to shake the sleep out of my eyes I am not sure if I am imagining these people or they are real.  The lack of sleep is starting to get to me.  The lack of sleep is starting to get to everyone.  The next few hours are a real blur.  This is what I know for sure:

BLASt Rider Adam Henderson took not only first place but, best trick.
All of the DJ’s killed it.
The deck of the Firehouse was packed all day long.
There was a huge jam session after the contest.  The course just got mobbed.  I left around 8:30 p.m. lack of vision and a complete loss of reality were contributing factors to my early demise.  Rusty and Bobby stayed until 10 p.m. or so, and they said the jam session was still going on when they left.
Rusty feel asleep with all his clothes and one boot on I don’t think Bo made it to his bed.  At least that is what they told me.

Thanks to everyone that came out. Big up to everyone that made it happen.  Thank you to the Firehouse Lounge for putting up with us.  Slick Kid you guys killed it.

More Photos will be available shortly.  We are in the process of sorting through thousands of photos literally.

Delivery of snow number two.

The scene I arrived to.

8:00 a.m. right before the melt down.

BLASt Rider Adam Henderson.