What up goons and goonettes,
Its hot as hell out today so we figured why not send a little more heat your way.

The City of Champyinz shirts are back in stock. They go really quickly, so you should get on that now.
Follow the link below:


Secondly we are having a HUGE SALE. Only Ten Bucks gets you a shirt you can’t beat that. There are a ton of shirts in there. Including the Keystone Tee and the Colors Tee this is the last run of all of these shirts that are on sale. Get em while they are still here cause once they are gone they’re gone.


Our Fall Collection is dropping August 15. It will be available online and in stores that day. We are going to be celebrating the release all day August 15 at The Timebomb Spot in Pittsburgh with an art show following it. If you are an artist and are interested in getting involved hit me up. dave@blastfome.com

In the meantime hit up the pool try to stay cool and drop a water balloon on someone’s head.

(First Five people wearing a BLAST Shirt to email me photos or videos of them crushing someone with a water balloon or garden hose wins a BLAST CARE PACKAGE send all submissions to dave@blastfome.com)