Our friends Adam at thesimplecomplex.com/ and crew decided to rent a lakehouse for the summer.  They are still in the process of getting everything up to snuff for the season so, Bobby and I decided to take a ride in Little Black (better known as the BLAST track car more on Little Black soon) to see how things were coming along.

Cheat Lake is about an hour and a half south of Pittsburgh so, we tried to leave early… Keyword being tried.  Bobby and I didn’t get out of the city until an hour after we said we were going to leave twenty minutes later we picked up Little Black from the garage and we were off… to wait in line at the gas station.  Three different gas station and another twenty minute later we had a full tank of gas and were finally onto the highway.

Trying to make up time in we cruised down the highway well over the speed limit.  Tryin to keep it below triple digits.

We made to the lake with out any more set backs and checked the place out.  The house is literally lake side walk down the stairs and you are on the water.  So sick!

After they finished putting new bumpers on the dock Bobby and I went and got lunch while they went and picked up the boat.

We took our first boat ride of the season.  Adam insisted on getting in the water.  He took the wake surfboard (I think that’s what its called) out for a spin and manged to get a nice pre-season cruise in.

Boats driven beers consumed and smoking accomplished we left for home.

Little BLack in the house!

Jeremy and Bobby Buckets: Hearts of Darkness.

Charlie don’t surf!  Adam Rossi first runs of the season.

Col. Kurtz is somewhere in those woods.