Chimaira Live In Pittsburgh

dave blasfome and Jeremy Creamer from Chimaira

My last attempt to attend a show at Club Zoo resulted in our crew bailing early due the number of underage kids dry humping each other to rap music.  I knew that the Chimaira show was going to be different, but I was still a little apprehensive as we waited in line to get in.

Once in the club I was pleasantly surprise the place was packed to the gills with metal heads of all ages and no one was dry humping or at least not in plain sight.  Already my experience was looking up.

I was at the show to meet up with Jeremy Creamer and Austin D’Amond bass player and drummer for the one and only Chimaria.  Blasfome is sponsoring these guys on tour this summer and I was meeting them to catch the show and drop off some new gear.

The show fucking ripped.  As always Chimaira killed it.  It was awesome to see friends of ours performing on the same stage that I had seen so many bands play on as a kid.  We hung out side stage until Jeremy and Austin were done performing and then headed out to the tour bus where we could hear each other talk and catch up.

We chilled on the bus until the show was wrapping up and everyone was getting ready to head in different directions.  Jeremy was on his way home to get some proper rest in his own bed while the rest of the band took a mini detour off to their hometown of Cleveland to do the same.  Me, I ended up riding home in the back of a decommissioned cab with my boy Doman and his entirely too wasted stripper friend.  It was an interesting night.  The photo of Jeremy and Myself courtesy of Kat De Lac Viktor Arvidsson Authentic Jersey