Along with the usual retail hullabaloo that comes the day after Christmas, Friday brought the Wu-Tang Clan to Pittsburgh.  The Clan being notorious for no shows and sub par performances you never really know what you are going to get. They came they saw and they killed it.

Every single member that was on the bill showed and their performance was on point.  With the date being so close to Christmas the crowd was filled with faces you haven’t seen in years and months.  People came showed up in groups of 10 and 15 of their closest friends some that even live across the country all in town because of the holiday.  As usual the Clan arrived late.  After years of going to hip-hop shows I don’t expect any act to show up on time.  This time however the lack of timeliness and the large groups friends from far and wide had the interesting effect of making the vibe feel much more like a house party than a 2000+ person venue.  At times the sold out crowd singing every single lyric louder than the P.A.  And the Clan feed off that energy.  Playing everything that you could imagine including an O.D.B. tribute/sing along that brought the house down.

After the show we stopped off at “The Original Hot Dog Shop” better known as the “O” grabbed some of their world famous french fries and went back to the soon to be location of the new Jester’s Court on Oakland Ave. in Oakland (Pittsburgh) and crushed out two large orders between five of us and called it a night.