Blasfome John Wagner Drift Clubloose

Last Friday John Wagner and I took a trip to Englishtown, NJ to hang out at the Clubloose Friday Night Drift Party.  Old Bridge Raceway Park or Etown as it is affectionately called is a 500 acre motorsports complex that I haven’t even begun to explore, so when we tore off on mopeds to look for the missing Clubloose Mini ramp I wasn’t surprised that we ended up in a junkyard/storage area filled with motox ramps, Tough Mudder course parts and a list of some of the stranger things that could end up in a junk yard.  Oh and bees.  The weather was a little sketchy for a while, putting a little bit of a damper on filming and attendance, but we still managed to have a blast.  And the miniramp… We found it dead about ten feet from where we took this photo.