Clubloose ii Season End Bash from Blasfome on Vimeo.

The summer is over and the leaves are turning different colors its the time of year that we start to put away our toys for the winter.  Fortunately in a month or so it might start snowing and then we can break out a entirely different set of toys.

Until then lets check back into the summer one more time with the Clubloose ii Season End Bash.  The weather looked a little threatening in the morning and the track was slick as hell.  Amazingly the sun pushed its way thru dried everything up and the day was beautiful. The track seemed to be the fastest it was all season.  The attendance was amazing, you guys owe yourselves a round of applause for that.  I hope to see all of you guys back next season!  Time flew by and at the end of the day all of the drivers were killing it and it was hard to shut it down.

Thank you to Midvale for the season and the hospitality.  Thanks you to everyone at Clubloose ii.  Keep an eye out for our drivers next season Troy “Squirt” Manners, John “Old Man” Wagner and Garret Nikolich holding it down on the west coast.