I watch a lot of music videos.  Too many music videos to be honest.  My inbox is bombarded with them daily, mainly because in this day and age every song requires a video to even truly exist on the internet.  This trend has caused artists to rush videos through production and has lead to an overall degradation of the quality of work that people find acceptable.  These five artists are not those kind of people.

5.  Joey Bada$$ X Capital STEEZ – Survival Tactics

This is the hardest video that came out all year.  Joey Bada$$ and Capital STEEZ drop one of the rawest tracks I have heard in over a decade.  The visuals are so complimentary to the track its unreal.  It brings me back to when white people were afraid of hip-hop and these cats managed to pull it off in goofy ski masks while wielding squirt guns.  Shit gave me goosebumps the first time I saw it.  Shout Out to Joey Bada$$ for the Pittsburgh Pirates Hat.  R.I.P. Capital STEEZ.

4. PJ Katz ft. Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & Gorilla Toa – Marshall Applewhite

Number four comes to us from my good friends at Pigfood Records. (I never said I wasn’t biased haha.) In all seriousness I truly believe the homies made one of the dopest videos of the year.  This video is what happens when you dress a bunch of full grown men up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles give them weapons and tell them to pretend to be fighting with those weapons.  Mitch from Giant Gorilla Dog Thing told me that everyone reverted back to being twelve years old.  More video shoots should be like that.

3.  Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat

Pig Destroyer’s The Diplomat takes us to a sci-fi world of brutal destruction.  I love the political symbolism and ultra violence.  The camera is amazing making you feel like you are some how one of the uncivilized animals that are unexpectedly thrown into a the world of death and destruction.

2. Beedie – The Cloud Life

Staying with the Sci-Fi theme in the number two spot is the homie Beedie and his video for The Cloud Life.  The video starts as Beedie smokes a blunt and takes us on a trip to outer space.  The animation sequences remind me of the very first Sci-fi film of all time Georges Méliès’s “Le Voyage dans la lune”.  I love the nod to the genre’s history.

1.  Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom

I only have one word to describe this video: insane.  I have been keeping an eye on Die Antwoord for a little while now.  The trio from Africa makes absolutely unbelievable videos.  In Fatty Boom Boom we get to watch as Lady Gaga and her meat suit get eaten by an angry lion.  It doesn’t get too much better than that.  Now go and watch their entire collection and be sure to watch the 15 minute short they did with Harmone Korine “Umshini Wam”