This one is for those ravenous Pittsburgh Penguins fans I know and love.  Back-up Goaltender Brent Johnson shows the world just what it means to give someone the Pittsburgh Black Ear.  My guess is that the goaltender for the Islanders might be able to fully hear out of that ear sometime next month assuming the thing doesn’t turn into a lump of cauliflower like and Olympic Wrestler.  I do have to give it up to Islanders Goaltender Dipietro.  He took it like a man.  If this was the NFL we’d all be suffering through someone crying and the Commish handing out fines like a South Side Pittsburgh beat cop hands out Public Urination tickets on a Saturday Night.  Better start learning how to say those Eastern European Hockey names now so at least you’ll have a clue what’s going on come the NFL lock out next season.