Blasfome Keystone Hate 5year

Five years ago when we launched Blasfome the world was a different place.  Bush was President, the economy was doing well and Wiz Khalifa had yet to drop Black and Yellow. The first shirt we ever released was the Keystone Hate Tee and it was an instant best seller.

Man it seems like somethings never change.  The Keystone Hate Tee is still one of our best sellers and Blasfome is stronger than ever.  To celebrate the Keystone Hate Tee’s success we are releasing the 5 Year Anniversary Edition Keystone Hate tees Friday, August 24.  The Fifth Annivesary edition tee’s feature the Classic Blasfome Keystone Hate Logo on the front. Blasfome branding on the sleeve and the back of the tee is emblazoned with the phrase “Five Years in Hell” to commerate the release of the shirt that promises to send us all to meet the Dark Lord.  That is if you haven’t met him already..