We are no stranger to great art shows around Pittsburgh.  Every year Timebomb Shop and Blasfome host “The Street Art Fair”  Its become quite the local event and always features great work from a ton of amazing local artists.  When V Dot (designer of the I Heart PGH tee shirt), Alex DeLarge and Mike Eore (who tattooed my finger for the Gang Signs tee shirt) told me that they were planning an art show at The Shadow Lounge I wasn’t surprised in the least bit.  When they told me it was going to be on April 1st I was hoping it wasn’t a joke.

I had stopped by the space these cats paint in and had seen a bunch of the pieces in progress so, I was excited to see how everything had came out and I was really hoping the whole thing wasn’t some elaborate joke.  As I drove around the corner where the Shadow Lounge sits in East Liberty I realized the joke was on me.  The place was packed and there wasn’t a parking place to be found.

After searching high and low for a parking spot I walked into a really great art show.  A mellow atmosphere and great work combined to make me a really happy camper.  I wandered around and checked out everything these guys had put together I had no idea how I was going to cover it for you guys.  These three pics are my favorite pieces.

Alex DeLarge

V Dot