Blasfome Hosts Free Music Friday

This weeks Free Music Friday is a six track EP from rap duo Bad Blood.  Broken Branch is their first EP from the two cousins out of Pittsburgh’s Greenfield neighborhood.  Bad Blood was formed this year when the two musically talented family members, Basick Sickness and Blender, finally locked themselves in a room and created rap magic.  Basick let me in on some of the secrets and the future of the group:

Sdot: Explain the birthing of Bad Blood… how did it all start?

BS: We are really first cousins.  We’ve both been doing music for years, but never had the time to make a jam together.  We both had some free time so I insisted he come over to rock a jam, and within 2 days we had the whole EP done.  It was a long time in the making.

Sdot:  What were your inspirations for the project?

BS: Musically – we didnt want sleepy hiphop beats, we wanted hiphop bangers.  I hit up DJ Huggy, and he got us some production and that was that. We also got DJ Babu and Atari Teenage Riot to get us a jam a piece. Lyrically – we are both huge fans of rapid flow and filth (As you can hear).  The project in general – like I said we are cousins, I thought the bad blood title would be fitting, and the broken branch is a part of the family tree.

Sdot: Any future projects for your fans to look forward to?

BS: For sure.  Blender is working on a solo album that should be out soon. Basick Sickness has another band album in the works.  As for Bad Blood – once we are both done with our projects, we’re gonna get together and put the album out… and take more than 2 days to write and record it.

To Download Bad Blood’s EP Broken Branch Click the Album Cover Below or visit their Youtube Page

Blasfome Free Music Friday Bad Blood