Grimace’s “Human Nature” Remix Contest rules and regulations:

No purchase necessary, but feel free to purchase whatever you want. It will make your life better.

Grimace – “Human Nature” by pigfoodrecords

To enter Click HERE to download both the original and acapella versions of “Human Nature” from Grimace’s forthcoming album “Whole Lies and Half Truths”. Once you’ve done that, remix the fucking thing. To make it easier for you, we’ll tell you right now that the song is 82 bpms. You’re welcome. After you’ve sexified the song, e-mail an mp3 of it to with “Human Nature Remix Contest” as the subject. Please also include your name and location in the content of the e-mail. The winning producer must be able to supply a high quality version of the remix instrumental before claiming prizes. Deadline for submissions is midnight on Sunday, July 17th. Entrants may only submit one entry, so make it good.

Once we’ve gotten a chance to go through all of the entries, we’re going to pick the best ones. It might be 3, it might be fucking 12. These finalists will then be voted on by the public to determine the winner. If you’re a finalist and you don’t win, you don’t get anything at all. Get over it. The winning producer will receive:

By entering this contest, entrants assign away and transfer any and all rights in the remixes on a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and royalty-free basis, for any and all purposes including, but not limited to, display, public performance, posting for streaming and/or download, making of derivative works, reproduction, distribution, and all other means of exploitation of the remixes.