Let me start by saying I hate modeling anything.  In fact I avoid it at all costs.  To say that I was a little uncomfortable is an understatement and honestly I think it was karmic pay back for me forcing Bobby to model in the Timebomb fashion show last summer.

Bobby and I shined after being told we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted we both quickly decided on something that looked like we stole it out of Ghostface’s closet.  Accessories for me included ski goggles, a BLASt Bandanna, those dope Keltec Wu-Tang gloves and one of samples from the BLASt Spring line up hanging out of my back pocket a black Hello Bully shirt and black over sized Dickies rounded out my outfit.  I was hoping the Hello Bully shirts would be white but, no such luck and we had to wear black pants.

Bobby came through with the classic Bobby Buckets robbed the WU’s closet look with black jeans, these white Timberland’s that always crack me up, a super tight Hello Bully tank top, a BLASt shirt slung over his shoulder and his usual assortment of jewelry but way more of it.  Pretty much par for the course for both of us.

The event went really well.  The food was great.  An assortment of vegan food and then these dope meatballs and a chocolate fountain you could dip fruit in.  Bobby, Sab (from Sanctify Her Death) and I mobbed the meatballs while Sean from Jestser’s Court munched on the grass the grazers call food.  We all ate so much that the two of us the drink could even enjoy a beer.  Then Bobby and I walked on stage.

Applause.  Thank God.  It was quick and painless.  I know that I didn’t work the crowd as much as I could.  It was my first day.  Bobby having been there before did way better than I did.  That is what expirience gets you.

After we showed off our killer bods and tats on stage we played with the dogs they had available for adoption for a while.   There were these two amazing puppies both brown and white and I think they were brothers that just fell asleep in our arms and for me there was the show stopper an all white male pit that could easily be the yin to Starky’s (my dog) yang.  I wish I had the space and the time for another dog but, it just wasn’t gonna happen.

Out boy won the Arnold Palmer signed memorabilia in the raffle and was super amped.  I think he put twenty tickets in the basket for t.  I am not sure how much the BLASt gift basket made but, I am sure it did well.  I think they auctioned it off in the live auction and overall we had a hell of a time and raised money for a great charity.

The all white dog and the brown pups are up for adoption you can check them out at www.hellobully.com.  Check em out.