It is no secret that we at Blast like to smoke weed and as every pot head knows there are times when you just HAVE to BUY some ridiculous thing you see on TV or in whatever store you are walking around in.

This month we are bringing you on of the funniest high purchases in months…. Drank Deuce.

My good friend Chris was smoking the other night when he came across Drank Deuce…. an anti energy drink hailing from the south.  Drank Deuce manufactures say that the product is for extreme relaxation and thy encourage you to “slow your roll.”

Coming in a 2 oz bottle that reminds me of those 5 hour energy drinks Drank Deuce looks like it walked straight out of a Lil Wayne video complete with the appropriate blind and purple label.

Claiming relaxation Drank Deuce will get you there.