In 2010 Simpsons co-creator James L. Brooks released How Do You Know. Advertised as a run of the mill Rom-Com, and subject to sinister reviews, I overlooked it at first. However, like all other movies, my own opinion developed upon seeing it.

In the autumn after its wintry release I saw said film awash in singlehood. Such dulling depths… allow me to explain as follows. A year prior to the point just mentioned I broke up with the love of my life. In order to benumb the pain which pricked me I began blogging with fervor. My Life at the Movies was awarded my utmost attention and a sub-series was created.  The Race to 100 started New Years Day 2011. This self-made marathon asked that I see 100 different movies, in theater, before 2012. Distracted by the task and the need to chronicle it I thwarted depression as best I could. Nevertheless, I missed her.

That said, an unforeseen event occurred which made me miss her less. Or to put it plainly, it led me to believe reconciliation was impossible. And while these scars scabbed is when I saw the focus film. I wasn’t expecting much, so to put it lightly I was pleasantly surprised. Sure the love triangle had been traversed before, but never so metaphysically. This wasn’t a tale about which option was better or more form fitting. It was an enlightening answer to a timeless question. How do you know? Not how things will work out or if this is right person. Rather, how do you know this is love?

Scorned as a sappy statement many fail to inquire accordingly. Yet, the many are not me nor were they. As I watched the movie’s lead navigate her emotional landscape I considered my own cartography. The map of life led me to her who I call Yellow. It also led us apart, and as the movie played, led me to reconsider. The film communicated a complex message about love being the desire to do the unexpected; to transcend pride and acquiesce into a co-existence. Not a co-dependence mind you, but an inspiring connection. If such a spark can be struck the fire that fades can be reignited. And the hope is that eventually the flame will burn bright enough to rival the stars in the sky.

Sentimental rubbish! Some may say so, perhaps the same sort who hated the movie. Be that as it may I asked the question anyways. It hasn’t been a year since doing so and already the answer is clear. How do I know this is love? Not simply because it’s said. It is love because what was broken was bound again and built upon thereafter. It is love, because every force that works against us has only helped us work together. It is love because these words will fail to explain what life will succeed in showing us. It is love, and so is she, as I am in with her.