BLASFOME_WANTS_YOU_blogBobby Buckets is looking for a few good men… Would YOU KILL for Blasfome?  Do you do something cool like drive race cars, skateboard, ride BMX, etc or are you an all around badass?  Do you want to be sponsored by Blasfome?  If you are Blasfome wants you!

Here’s the deal.  Blasfome is looking to sponsor some people for being fucking dope and I know all of you mother fuckers are dope as hell.

Here’s how you get on:

-Send us and email to

-include in your email


-What you do

-A brief bio

-Video or a link to video of you doing what you do

-Link to your Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media account you may have

-Please put “BLASFOME SPONSOR ME” in the title

We will review your videos and email you back if you make the cut..